Lyndsey's debut single "NOTHIN ON ME" is OUT!!

so surreal seeing your creative work out there in the world after spending hours and hours recording, listening, tweaking, and polishing to get it just right. i'm really proud of this song and watching it grow from just a chorus idea into a full on produced/mixed/mastered version was so much fun.

this record couldn't have been possible without Tim Atlas, Darwin Tillery of Company D Entertainment, and Sun Room Audio. major thanks to them for helping me take my vision and turn it into a reality!

i wrote this song as an answer to the question "if all of my fears, doubts, and insecurities became a person standing in front of me, what would i say?" the beauty of music is you can interpret lyrics however you'd like (it could be the perfect kiss off song to a horrible boss or your ex...just sayin...), but in the end i hope you feel empowered and encouraged to never let fear hold you back from chasing after a dream. you're enough. you're worth it. you have what it takes. now get out there and go for it! :)